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a 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and fully recyclable material, has unique and inimitable properties: it is light, elastic, resilient, hypoallergenic, fire retardant, thermal and sound insulator. Moreover, it has remarkable sensory and emotional characteristics: it is comfortable, warm and pleasant to the touch.

Cork’s attributes cannot be found in any other single source, making it superior to many synthetic substitutes and an essential sustainable alternative for many purposes. Either natural or agglomerated, with cork grains obtained by recycling the by-products from cork transformation industry, it can be shaped, coloured, printed and engraved, offering an amazing diversity of options to explore the material in a surprisingly creative way.

Our products will never be as beautiful as the wonderful vibration of the natural cork bark texture, but we try, every day, to rediscover this wonderful raw material combining culture, sustainability and technical performance.

We took care of providing you with technical relevant data on our wall coverings and also care and maintenance information, as well as some important disclosures.

All of this can be found in the bottom of this page, or you can click here to go there directly.

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Tech data

Walls maintenance


Our wall tiles are finished with a special coating that will keep their beautiful look for many years. However, as any other kind of wall covering, it requires proper cleaning to ensure durability and appearance.

As time passes, wall tiles may, eventually, need some kind of maintenance. Although we can make general recommendations, the specific use conditions will determine how frequent maintenance is needed.

Periodic maintenance for wallcoverings should include light dusting or use of a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

Stains should be removed as soon as possible to limit possible reaction between the staining agent and the wallcovering. Time is especially important for removing materials containing colours or solvents, such as ballpoint ink, lipstick, oil, shampoo tints, and some foodstuff.

Remove any damp or wet marks as much as possible using an absorbent material. Remove any dry marks or dirt using a slightly damp cloth, mild soap, warm water, and if necessary, a soft brush to remove dirt from the crevices of deeply textured patterns.

For more difficult stains, the use of a standard non-aggressive cleaning agent is recommended. Only mist the wall lightly with the cleaning solution or spray the cleaner directly onto a clean sponge or cloth. Avoid excess rubbing.




Our products are made with high quality natural materials and should be handled accordingly. In spite of all due care given during manufacturing, there will be variations in appearance (colour, gloss, or texture). This should be verified before installation, distributing the tiles in a way that variations are not striking.

The surface may change colour when exposed to direct sunlight.

Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy during the production of this catalogue, Cork Ideas disclaims potential product changes and possible print errors. The product photos may not accurately match the real colour and texture of the finished product.

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