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the CARIOCA cork wall tile

Color that's hard to ignore.

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the CARIOCA cork wall tile in "Pearl" color

Designed to bring a colorful new meaning to walls, CARIOCA is a striking new cork tile concept.
With two large tile formats, CARIOCA uses bold color and strong graphic lines on top of cork’s individual and intrinsic beauty, producing a powerful aesthetic that is hard to ignore.
Bringing a modern graphical edge to cork’s timeless natural aesthetic, CARIOCA expresses the liveliness and energy of cork as a contemporary surface material, providing a more sustainable alternative to man-made surfaces.

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For residential and commercial interiors. Glued installation on walls.
15 colours.
900 x 300 x 5,5 mm and 900 x 150 x 5,5 mm. Bevelled edges.
AQUADUR waterbased finish with
CleanSurface powered by Microban®
antimicrobial technology.
No formaldehyde, PVC, softeners, heavy metals or other substances hazardous to health or the environment.
Very low VOC emissions in compliance with GreenGuard GOLD, AgBB scheme and French Classification A+.
Made with 90% of renewable and Recycled by- products of cork.
FSC® certified products are available upon request.

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