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The Cork (ideas) Gallery


Or, how we make the world an (even) prettier place

Hotel lounge and bar
in Porto, Portugal.
This rustic wine cellar look is provided by the Cork wall tiles and the bar stools, also in Cork.
The stylish green upholstery was executed in Cork "leather". 


Our outstanding levels of customization allowed for this customer in Bucks County, PA to choose this "Rock" diner-style banquette, from our Contract lines, as the starting point to their new kitchen seating area.

The Cherry wood structure remained but the measurements had to be adapted, storage under the seats was not negotiable and, for the finishing, an olive green synthetic leather upholstery was picked.

This "Country White" Cork wall tile was the choice for a store owner, in New Hope PA.
Commercial spaces in highly style-driven communities often opt for Cork's warmth and originality.

See Cork wall tiles


This was the result. They are returning customers, this time in the shape of a Cork floor for their kitchen.


Featured ideas

IMG_1618 2.jpg


Ash grey


The SLATE Cork wall tile, one of the most creative and beautiful tiles.
It comes in 600 x 300mm tile size, with seamless edges and in three colors, both commercial and residential spaces will benefit greatly from this stone-looking tile, but with many advantages over it.

Or how to walk on leather

Abrir Corium.png

Have you ever thought that you could have a leather floor? Or rather, a Cork and leather one!? Well, now you can.

Corium is the most luxurious floating floor that we have in our range.

Abrir Corium 4.png

This is how it is done

Corium board sizes and layer breakdown.

The CORIUM leather floor has a warranty of 15 years in residential and 5 years in commercial applications.

Live footage with a CORIUM sample, in "Calabria Cacao" trim.

Colors and patterns available.


Wallpaper magazine,
a well known international design showcase, in its 2018 awards edition, gave the title "Best squaring up" to the "Grove" furniture collection.

Abrir IMG_0191.png.png

Created by Milan-based Brazillian designer Gustavo Martini, "The Grove" is manufactured by one of our partner companies, in Portugal. and brought to you by Cork Ideas.

The elements are crafted in grids of steel and Cork panels and are supposed to celebrate a joint between urban geometry and nature"s random perfection.

This exclusive collection is comprised of 5 elements but they can be ordered individually, to build combined landscapes.

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