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Who are we?

Cork Ideas is a furniture and building materials importer and reseller. We aim at architects, interior designers and remodeling contractors. We specialize in Cork design elements. 

All our products are designed and handcrafted to order, in Portugal.

Portugal is the world's largest supplier or Cork and one of the main leaders in design and quality of manufacturing of products such as furniture and fashion shoes, to name a few.

When you place an order with us, the production cycle of your chosen item starts and, after four weeks, your product is ready to leave the factory, in Portugal, and get shipped right to your door, in the US, Canada or elsewhere negotiated.

Cork Ideas is operated from Feasterville - Pennsylvania, so you can always rely on our customer support channels, either by phone, e-mail or even in person, if you're geographically near us.


We partner directly with the designers and manufacturers, in Portugal; This provides for a high degree of bespoke craftsmanship, tighter negotiation phases and, even, flexible shipping rates. 


Total support for professionals and contract tools


We provide several high-end products such as wall coverings, Cork flooring, designer furniture, accessories and insulation solutions to architects, interior designers and custom builders/renovators.

Please contact us for contract supplies, standard or customized, for your project needs - big or small.

We will provide your business with installing guides, technical and environmental documentation for special projects, as well as care and maintenance instruction documents.

To check our professionals/contract section click 

Frequently asked questions

Can I make a change on an my order, or even cancel it?

When you order from us, a down payment of 50% is required and you will be notified of the date on which your order will go into production. Technical changes will be evaluated on case-by-case basis but cancelations HAVE to be made before production starts, or deposit will not be returnable.

Do you provide International delivery?

Yes. All orders are processed in the USA but shipped from our production facility, in Portugal.

Although Cork Ideas was born to service mainly the US and Canada markets, we can ship any of our products worldwide.

Please contact us first, by phone or e-mail, to ask for a quote,  customized manufacturing options and single or combined shipping rates, as well as shipping options (sea or air).

How do I return an item?


Returns can only be accepted for reasons like defects, damage or incorrect manufacturing. All approved returns are sent to our facility in Pennsylvania, USA.

What is your returns policy?


Since ALL of our items are manufacture/handcrafted to order, we only accept returns based on building/assembly flaws, mismatching colors or fabrics or measurements different from contracted.

You should inspect your item on arrival and contact us in no more than 3 days from the delivery date, and provide us with pictures that support your claim.

How do I track my order?


As soon as your order ships we will send you the tracking number, along with any other useful information about it.



How can I contact your couriers?


Normally, you don't have to. The tracking number provided is all you need to check the status of your order at all times.

However, if there's any additional information that's important for you, we will contact you.



What are your delivery options?

Sea or air, from Portugal to the US, depending on what you negotiate with us. If you're no more than 100 miles away from us, we can complete the deliver, from the airport or seaport.

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