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Our products

This is our product page. From here you can access our extensive product range which is divided into four main categories. These categories are organized in subpages which can be reached by a drop down menu in this page or by clicking the individual direct access buttons provided below.


All of the products featured in our page are manufactured to order, in Portugal, and can be customized to your needs within certain technical limitations, obviously.

We are, therefore, ready to work with you throughout the sales process in order to make it as a pleasant experience as it should be, for you and for us too.

Please click here to access our FAQ section and to learn more on our company's policies.


Use our contact channels to start the process, either by e-mail or by phone and we will be looking forward to be as clear as possible with you, as we believe that transparent communication is the only way to customer satisfaction.

We have tried to be as descriptive as possible regarding construction materials for our products, but again, if you need any extra information, please contact us.

In certain products, like Cork floors and Cork wall panels, as well as cork skin upholstered furniture, we carry physical samples for their finishings. For obvious reasons, we can't ship samples every time they are requested. If you are located in New Jersey, New York City or the Philly area and its surrounding counties, we can arrange for a visit to you.

Now that you've learned about the boring essentials, let's find out how is your next project going to look like, shall we!?
After you...

Browse through very unique pieces of furniture, made from Cork.

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