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Here is a classy but original table design, made in wood and Cork agglomerate.

In it's standard shape, this table top is a perfect square but you can order it with a custom size, just consult us first for pricing, please.

Because of the alternance of the dark wood withe clear, natural Cork color, it will look amazing in either dark or clear home setups but, this table is also a great option for a new or re-decorated business space. The anti-microbial and liquid-repelent properties makes the W&B table perfect for the food business and the easy to clean and organic appeal of Cork will only add to that.

  • Product info

    Size: 80 x 80 x 75 cm

    Availability (before shipping): 4 weeks

    Dimensions are customizable. Please consult us for a quote.

  • Return and refund policy

    All our items are designer pieces handcrafted to order, in Portugal, we don't stock them in our US facilities.

    Our return policy only cover items that show manufacturing defects or damage related to shipping.

    To return an item and get a refund you should contact us, by phone or email, no later than the day after it was received and make proof of your claim's reasons.

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