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Hand-built from wood and cork skin, this chair sets itself apart in any room or layout, and it's not only because of it's original, organic appearance, but also for the confort message that exhales from it.

Seat on it with your bare skin and you'll see, or rather, feel what we're talking about.

Cork skin is thermally neutral and very soft on touch, so you'll notice the difference right away, mostly if compared to leather. Besides it's of plant origin, not animal, and it's very easy to maintain and clean because it's water and stain-free. Just rub a wet cloth on wine or olive oil stains, for instance, and it will easily come off.


    Size: 50 x 85 x 55 cm

    Availability (before shipping): 4 weeks


    All our items are designer pieces handcrafted to order, in Portugal, we don't stock them in our US facilities.

    Our return policy only cover items that show manufacturing defects or damage related to shipping.

    To return an item and get a refund you should contact us, by phone or email, no later than the day after it was received and make proof of your claim's reasons.

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