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Nature was the designer. We've just made it better for you.

Cork is a natural product that constitutes the bark of the Cork Oak Tree and there is no tree cutting involved in it's extraction. Get involved in making the world a better place, today and tomorrow.

Our products are of exclusive design, handcrafted to order in Portugal and can be customized to better fit your projects.

While exploring our website you will find interior design elements across all spaces, from residential to commercial applications and from building materials, like Cork floating floors and wall panels, to furniture.

You will also find non-Cork Portuguese designer furniture, across all styles, up to a very exclusive and upscale level.  This is true bespoke interior design!

Welcome to a hub of true, luxurious and high-quality Mediterranean style comfort.



When you think of Cork, do you think of those caps on top of most wine bottles!? Don't worry, most people do.


What most people don't know is that Cork is a 100% natural material, with dozens of amazing properties and aesthetically pleasant, that makes it's use very appealing, from upholstery to aerospace applications.

But, above all, it's completely recyclable and a sustainable industry.

From the kitchen to the bathroom or Spa. From the attic to the basement. 
ere you'll find artfully designed furniture and decor elements
for both residential and commercial.
All luxuriously designed and laboriously handcrafted.

Both Cork and non-Cork.

True organic look and feel



Cork floors

and wall panels

well ABOVE the average.

way BEYOND the traditional.

Explore these pages to find original and upscaled alternatives to traditional materials, such as wood, stone or tile. Take advantage of all the amazing properties of Cork with the comfort of a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, supported by compreensive factory warranties,

in either residential or commercial applications.


Watch our Cork presentation

Watch our furniture presentation

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