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CORK 02 seating collection

CORK 02 seating collection


Beautiful series of two Cork stools, and one variant, that are both an interesting design exercise and a luxurious crafted collection of products.

Completely made of agglomerated natural Cork and finished to be water and stain repellent, these pieces can come in either one of two colors - natural or brown cork - and the STACK stool can be ordered in two height sizes, to be used as both a table or a bar companion.

This line pays tribute to organic shapes and nature-inspired home landscapes.



  • Product info


    STACK seat (small) 34 x 46 cm

    STACK seat (large) 42 x 46 cm

    STACK BAR seat 42 x 68 cm

    STOOL seat 36 x 45,5 cm

    All models and sizes are also available in steamed black cork.

    Availability (before shipping) 4 weeks. 

  • Return and refund policy

    All our items are designer pieces handcrafted to order, in Portugal, we don't stock them in our US facilities.

    Our return policy only cover items that show manufacturing defects or damage related to shipping.

    To return an item and get a refund you should contact us, by phone or email, no later than the day after it was received and make proof of your claim's reasons.

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