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Cork floor series


Trendcollection cork floors delivers impressive quality, style, comfort, water-resistance, durability and ecological benefits in a range of economical and easy to install floors.

And it's designed to fit any décor!

Why TrendCollection?

Trendcollection range of cork floorings have the style, easy installation and performance that you have been looking for. From traditional cork floating floors and the creative digital printing designs, to the latest Solid Rigid Core technology that click easily into place, these low-maintenance floors are designed to stand up to scratches, scuffs, stains and even water.

Trendcollection cork floors are ideal for retail, hospitality, corporate, educational, and residential environments.

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Trendcollection delivers comfort, water resistance, wear resistance and ecological benefits in a range of economical and easy to install floor and wall coverings.

Water resistance

Trendcollection SOLIDTrend is water resistant, perfect for installation in areas where moisture can present problems.

Wear resistance

Trendcollection floors have a superior protection against abrasion and scuffs with its tough wear layer up to 0,55 mm thickness and enhanced DURAMOND or WEARTOP high performance finishes.


Trendcollection floors advanced composition allows for installations up to 400 m2 without expansion joints and over radiant heated floors.

Ease of installation

Trendcollection floors have patented UNICLIC and 3L TRIPLELOCK click systems, allowing easier and faster installation than comparable products.
The planks can be installed over almost any subfloor without preparation.


Trendcollection rich surface textures, the trendy colours and the high definition visuals contribute to the natural and stylish appearance of the floor.


Trendcollection products are recyclable, reusable and orthophthalate-free. The use of cork is an ecological choice but also provides warmth, comfort and effective sound and thermal insulation.


Trendcollection is integrated with Microban@ technology during the manufacturing process. This built-in protection actively reduces the growth of mould and odour causing bacteria for the lifetime of the product.

In conclusion

Trendcollection floors boast superior resistance and stability, whilst combining the beauty of wood, the durability of vinyl, the comfort of cork and the ease of click installation. Trendcollection floors are ideal for retail, hospitality, corporate, educational, and residential environments.

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Floors maintenance
All Trendcollection floors are easy to maintain.
However, as any kind of floor, it requires continuous
and proper cleaning and care so that the surface
protection and the attractive appearance of the floor
are maintained.
Preventive care
The floor must be kept clean. Never use cleaning
products with abrasive ingredients or solvent based.
Do not wet mop the floors. Too much water can
cause the floor to swell or warp.
Furniture legs should have protective pads to avoid
scratches. Furniture and other heavy objects must be
placed carefully.
A doormat should be laid inside the front door to
help protect against dirt and sand.
Chair castors should be of type W (soft). For additional
protection, mats under castor chairs can be used.
Rugs should be used at areas where the wear is
greater, e.g. in front of kitchen sinks, at the end of
steps and within high traffic pathways. Rugs with
rubber or vinyl backings should be avoid.
Prolonged contact of plasticizer-containing material
(e.g. rubber, latex, plastics.….) with the floor surface
may cause non-reversible stain of the floor.
Avoid sharp or pointed objects with concentrated
weight on your floor.
Never use any of the following products (or similar) on
your finished floor: ammonia-based cleaners, wax-
based products, bleach, oil soap, abrasive cleaning
soaps or acidic materials such as vinegar. Many of
these products can dull or etch the finish.
The surface of the floors may tend to fade when
exposed to sunlight. Use blinds or curtains to prevent
colour fading by direct solar radiation.
Trendcollection floorings must be cleaned regularly
with a mop, hair broom or vacuum cleaner. If
necessary (heavier soiling) the floor can be damp-
mopped using an appropriate cleaning product.
Maintenance caring can become necessary from time
to time to refresh the protective layer. First clean your
floor and then apply a thin layer of a recommended
maintenance product using a microfiber applicator
particular maintenance
instruction for your floor. For the correct use, follow
the instructions on the packaging labels of each
product, as well as the information from technical sheets.

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